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The reason why teens are so inspiring is that they are real about life & faith; empathetic, passionate, and able to hold space for one another…regardless of personal beliefs. And SJE youth (Jr. & Sr. Hi) are proof of this. In short, they are a freaking amazing group of humans!


 We are a fully welcoming & affirming youth community 🏳️‍🌈. Our goal is to offer a safe space of support and encouragement to be yourself. We basically have the chance to gather 4 times (each group) a month outside of Sunday morning. By mid to late June until the end of August, we take a break from programming and official events.


For more information about SJE youth, perhaps like…what we do, a schedule of our gatherings,  our leaders (including myself), a request to meet/chat, or to be put on the contact list for events; please don’t hesitate (no pressure though!…never) to contact me, Blake (SJE youth director, or so they tell me).



or follow and DM me through the youth IG page:  SJE YOUTH EDM Anglican (@sje_youth).

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