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Blake Holt


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I have been the fulltime youth pastor at SJE Church since August 2017 and involved with youth work (or 6 years of schooling for it) since I was 20, waaay back in 1991....Yep, I am old; feel free to do the math!?
Equal only perhaps to a professional movie extra or record store clerk…. My job is the greatest! But, when not at work, I hang with my partner, 3 kids and our dog.  I believe that music is a direct line to the soul; and along with running, it's how God helps keep me hopeful & encouraged.  This past year my highlights re: music & reading were July Talk's (they are Canadian!) third album “Pray For It” and Porridge Radio’s “Every Bad”.  So Good!  Two books that made an impact were “One Native Life” by Richard Wagamese and “An Altar in the World” by Barbara Brown Taylor.  If you haven't, I encourage ya to check these out and be blown away!  If you have any interest or questions regarding SJE youth, I would love to have a chat! 
Grace & peace, Blake

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