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Abigail is the newest addition to the St. John’s leadership team, beginning her work as the Children’s and Families Minister in the Fall of 2023. She currently leads and coordinates the Kid’s Word ministry and supports the families at St. John’s through fellowship and prayer.


Abigail has had the joy and privilege of working with children in many capacities over the course of her vocational life, including as a nursery worker in an Anglican church, as a daycare worker, as a tutor, as a support worker, as an educational assistant, and as a substitute teacher. Her work now as Children’s Minister continues to reveal to her the amazing ways that God works in the lives of His beloved children. 


After completing a Mathematics Degree and an Education Degree from the University of Lethbridge in 2022, Abigail began her ministry work in Edmonton as volunteer staff for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. For a year, she helped run the undergraduate student ministries at MacEwan University and the University of Alberta. She started attending St. John’s in November of 2022 and is delighted to now be serving on the leadership team of this parish, while also substitute teaching for Edmonton Public Schools.


In her spare time, Abigail enjoys singing with ChandraTala, an upper-voices choir, rock climbing at her local bouldering gym, and trying new cafés in the city.


If you have any questions about children’s ministry at St. John’s, or want to talk to someone about Pride & Prejudice (Abigail’s favourite book and favourite mini-series), please reach out to contact her at

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