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Cameron Burns
Interim Priest-in-Charge

2021 SJE Bio CameronBurns.jpg

Cameron pops up in a lot here at St John’s.   He feels a particular affinity for the prayerful care, encouragement, and support of others in our various life journeys of faith.  


It is a gift to Cameron to know God’s promise of presence and transformation as he moves through life with his two children.  Conversation, reflection, prayer, and art are some of the ways Cameron most easily recognizes and shares the experience of God’s activity in us.


Cameron has served as a priest in the Diocese of Edmonton since his ordination in 2007.  He has provided leadership and care in parish churches, designed and facilitated a diocesan program of training, deployment, and ongoing support of lay worship leaders, and been responsible for support of clergy at a regional level.  Cameron arrived at St John the Evangelist in late 2016, and continues to be excited and honoured to serve this parish family.  Presently, Cameron serves St John's as its Interim Priest-in-Charge, and the larger Diocesan family as the Regional Dean for the West Region.


Prior to being a parish priest, Cameron worked in audio recording and live sound reinforcement.  He loves travelling, being in nature, the intersection of art and tech, and gaming of all sorts.  He has unashamedly driven mini-vans for pretty much his whole adult life, and has no desire to change.

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