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Sunday Worship At St. John's


St John's is a pretty diverse place.  There's a lot of different people who call St John's home.

That's why we share our worship in different ways, too.

On the first Sunday of the month we have one service at 10am.

Other Sundays we hold three services at 7:45am, 9:30am and 11:15am

Check them out below, and see what resonates with you!

You can worship along with our 9:30am/10:00am services via our Youtube channel!

First Sunday of the Month: 10am

At the start of every month, this communion service combines both traditional and contemporary styles of language and music. It's a chance for the whole church family to gather as one to worship God, with Children's and Youth lessons and activities available. After worship, we wrap up the day with a big pot-luck lunch in the church hall!


Other Sundays: Three Services

7:45 AM
Quiet, Traditional


Those who gather at the 7:45am service appreciate the smaller, quieter, calmer, and spacious feel of worship, drawing from the more traditional language of the Book of Common Prayer.

9:30 AM
Lively, Informal


At 9:30am, worship takes a more contemporary and relaxed form, with music led by worship bands or solo musicians, Sunday school and Youth gatherings for younger ones and teens, and words from the

 Book of Alternative Services. 

11:15 AM
Choral, Traditional

Church Choir Singers and Music Sheets

Worship at 11:15am expresses our historical traditions of singing and pageantry, featuring choral and congregational music led by one of our organists, and using the traditional liturgies of the  Book of Common Prayer.

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