Children@ SJE

Children are a vital part of our worshiping community at St. John’s.

Our goal is to ensure that each child is supported and encouraged to develop the gifts that they have been given by God. We hope that each child will know much they are loved by God and what an incredible gift they are to the Body of Christ.

Children are welcome to stay and participate in worship services. There are books and colouring pages available on the table as you come into the building, please feel free to enjoy these during the service. You will find a quiet room for babies just inside the North entrance of the building.

Children's Ministry staff and volunteers are trained in diocesan safety policies.

All of our volunteers are screened and have completed criminal and vulnerable sector record checks.


If you have questions about anything to do with children's ministry or what we are doing to support families, please contact our Children and Families' Minister, Maryann:

Current Offerings for Children and Families

Saturday Outdoor Worship

Every Saturday from 3-4:30 pm (weather permitting) we hold an Outdoor Worship Service for families on the SJE patio. This service provides a fun way for families to stay connected during the pandemic, offering  crafts, fellowship, prayer, and a time to celebrate God. Please note: we do not gather on the first Saturday of each month. Due to regulations on outdoor gatherings, only 20 people can attend the service. Please register for a service by emailing Maryann (see above).

Family Zoom Bible Study

On alternating Sundays, we hold a Family Bible Study on Zoom from 2-3pm. This Bible study is aimed at teaching children and families how to read the Bible well. We discuss such things as the manuscripts of the Bible, biblical 'authors', biblical history, and many other topics.

Sunday School

During our 10am Sunday service, we offer Sunday school, which is held outdoors (for the safety of the unvaccinated children). Children remain with their families until after the first reading and return in time for Communion. Sunday School offers a brief lesson (connected to the theme of the Sunday sermon), crafts, and games. All children are welcome to attend but we ask that either a parent or responsible older sibling please accompany any child under the age of 4 (the patio is not fenced in and we want to ensure all children are safe). When the weather is bad and we cannot go outside, activity boxes are provided for the children to use while they remain with their parents during worship.