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Welcome to
Growing a Rule of Life!


Growing a Rule or Life is a guided journey towards crafting a Rule of Life: a set of commitments and priorities discerned over a period of time, about the way in which you’re living your daily life.  It was created and is shared freely by the Society of St John the Evangelist, an Anglican monastic order based in the Boston area, USA.


Over six week-long “phases,” you’ll have the opportunity to reflect and pray about 4 aspects of your daily life:

•    Your relationship with God

•    Your relationship with yourself

•    Your relationship with others

•    Your relationship with the world we live in


As a final exercise, you’ll be helped to draft your Rule, reflecting what you’ve learned, and how that shapes what you feel your priorities ought to be.

Ready to get going? Great!


First, watch our introduction video. It will get you up and running!

    Getting Started Video (SJE)


Once you’ve done that, you can make use of the following resources:

Workbook and Daily Videos (SSJE)

Weekly Session Videos (SJE)

Sample Rule of Life (PDF)

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