SJE Youth Happenings

Greetings!  This is a place to help you figure out what we are up to as a youth group (see calendar below).  You can also follow us on Instagram @sje_youth as well as request to be put on the email list to receive details, reminders, updates and changes about our gatherings. Just contact me through  or call/text 780 934 5332.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding our youth programs, what we are teaching, my background (which has been officially checked along with all other youth leaders by the way!); or ask about my stellar taste in music, love of pizza from Saskatchewan and/or life & faith in general.  I know I am biased but we really do have amazing teens in our community. Thanks for the online visit! Grace & peace, Blake

"But Go easy, step lightly....Stay free."  - The Clash


Following Christ Together in -Word. Care. Prayer.



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