Men Behaving Godly


Men Behaving Godly is a group of men (usually 6 to 10 attend) who meet on Tuesday mornings between 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. at the church. Here is how we spend our time: (to ensure all are fully awake, coffee and tea are available! ) We open in prayer, read a chapter of the Bible and have an open discussion regarding any differences in the various Bible translations/review any respective Study Notes or other related issues. We may share relevant personal experiences. This discussion goes from being very thought provoking to light hearted. The Bible readings are determined by the group and usually alternate between the O/T and N/T. In essence we have an enjoyable hour in God’s presence. We extend an invitation to any men, who might be interested in joining us, to attend on Tuesday.


Following Christ Together in -Word. Care. Prayer.



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