Holy Week Home Prayers

Welcome!  The goal of this resource is to help you to create space and time to mark the days of Holy Week in a meaningful way, in your own home.


Each day will follow the same format:

  • Gathering with silence and an opening prayer to focus our attention

  • Reading (or listening to) a section of the Gospel of John suited to the day

  • Reflecting on (or conversing about) the reading

  • Placing a representative figure in a focal devotional point

  • Offering (or sharing) personal prayer, as moved

  • Finishing with a prayer to close our time of reflection and worship


What will I need?

  • A PDF sheet of readings and prayers for the appropriate day

  • Access to the SJE website, if you wish to listen to a recording of the reading

  • A pencil, pen, or marker/highlighter, if it helps your scriptural reflection

  • Your prayerful imagination

Building Devotional Space

It will help to make some space in your home where you can set up a devotional station.  It can be big or small; taken down after prayers, or left up for the week. Be creative! Let your space be a celebration of God’s presence in your home.


In your that space, create a focal point.  There, you’ll set down a figure (an item representing something of your spiritual reflection and prayers) each day, building an evolving devotional focus for prayer and reflection in your home, up to Easter.  (The only rule is to keep a space free in the middle, for your Easter figure).


When choosing your figure, you can be imaginative.  It can be anything. You can even create or decorate one!  It just needs to be a meaningful symbol for you.


Following Christ Together in -Word. Care. Prayer.



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