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Parish Haiti Partnership

Parish Partnership with Food for the Hungry Canada, in Haiti


Our partnership with FH Canada in Haiti began with Youth & Student Ministry, as staff, parents and students developed a vision for meaningful and ongoing missional engagement, both here at home and abroad.  In 2014, this grew into a parish wide partnership with Cachiman and Mategouasse, Haiti.  It is our privilege to walk with these communities until they are sustainable (typically six to ten years) at which point we will celebrate graduation together - what a joy that will be!


So how do we partner and walk with these communities in Haiti?  The primary method of change and growth in any FH community is based on “child focused community transformation”.  When supports, relationships and resources are centred on children and their families, greater levels of change occur. 

Photos from Haiti!

IMG_20210213_104846 (1).jpg
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