“Following Christ in Word – Care – Prayer – Mission” expresses the heart of St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Edmonton. Those who worship at SJE come from a wide variety of places and backgrounds, but as we gather in one place together Sunday by Sunday, week by week, we are united by our common faith in Christ and in our desire to hear and to follow Christ’s way in the world. This means we are invited to become active in hearing the Word through Holy Scripture, active in Caring for one another and for neighbours near and far, active in Prayer with the whole church through the Sunday liturgy and in small groups and as individuals, active in Mission as we seek to reflect the love of Christ in the midst of the various places we live and work and play during the week. That activity will be lived out distinctly by each of us: sometimes quietly, sometimes obviously, but at all times (we pray!) with an awareness of the Grace and Peace of Christ among us.


St. John’s is a lively parish focused on the centre of the Christian faith in the life and teachings of Jesus and in the Confession and hope-filled cry of the church around the world that “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.” As a parish of the Diocese of Edmonton in the Anglican Church of Canada, we utilize the two main prayer books of our communion — the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services — and worship in both ‘classic’ and more ‘contemporary’ modes in terms of music and language.


There are plenty of opportunities at St John’s to become involved in various ways, or just to be present. Either way (or both!) we will welcome you and invite you to travel with us in “Word – Care – Prayer – Mission” as part of Christ’s “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church” gathered as ‘SJE’.


Following Christ Together in -Word. Care. Prayer.



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